Cheshire Hike

Cheshire Hike 2015

This site is for the operation of the Cheshire Hike which is an event organised by Cheshire Scout Council for the exercise and assessment of hiking skills. Participation is open to all Scout Groups in Cheshire Scout County, Cheshire Border Guides, Cheshire Forest Guides, and other Scout Groups by invitation. The date of the hike this year is 18 Apr 2015 to 19 Apr 2015.

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Message from the organising committee:

Congratulation to all who completed this years hike. The results are available on the Cheshire Scouts website

A special thanks to all who supported the hike, over 300 people worked over the weekend for its success so too many to mention by name. So to the guys and gals who made tea, ran checkpoints, or worked on the finish, thanks.

Next years hike will be held over the weekend of 18th-19Sth April 2015 somewhere in Cheshire, and yes the team is aready planning it.

Dates for your diary

05 Jan 2015 - Bookings Open

14 Mar 2015 - Online registration opens.

20 Mar 2015 - Online bookings close.

04 Apr 2015 - Online registration closes.

18 Apr 2015 to 19 Apr 2015 - Cheshire Hike

Bookings for this year's hike will open on 05 Jan 2015 when online bookings and offline booking forms will be available on this site.

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