A decision has been made to postpone Cheshire Hike until 10-11th October 2020.

2020 Hike Postponed

Cheshire Hike 2020 Postponed

A decision has been made to postpone Cheshire Hike (4th & 5th April 2020) for the following reasons;
  • Ground conditions with some routes under significant amounts of water
  • Concern from farmers about the condition paths through fields if we have 100+ walkers using it
  • Concern over the styles in wet weather
  • The basecamp is very soft with parts currently water logged

The provisional date for the hike is now 10th/11th October 2020, which will be confirmed in the next month.

While we appreciate the disappointment this decision will cause, particularly for those who have completed a number of preparation hikes but safety has to be our first concern. Following feedback from last year more of the routes were planned to be on paths, avoiding roads which has resulted in additional exposure to unsafe paths and conditions.


  1. All bookings will be retained on the Cheshire Hike booking system but Group Leaders have the option of cancelling or adding participants.
  2. No invoices have been sent out and a new payment schedule will be circulated after confirmation of the revised date.
  3. We will honour current age ranges for those already booked onto the system, in other words if a participants age changes between the April date and October date they can still enter their current category.
  4. The date of future hikes (from 2021) will be the subject of a consultation.

Should you have any urgent queries, please contact josh.diamond@cheshirescouts.org.uk.

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