Kit List

Kit List

Kit List

Be smart about what you bring with you and leave any non essentials at home. Each section has a maximum weight limit but if you pack correctly then it shouldn’t really matter at all.


  • Weight Limit: 6kg / 13lb

Your sleeping bag, liner and bed roll, and team equipment consisting of your tent, cooker, fuel, evening meal and breakfast should be packed in a separate rucksack clearly marked with your team number. This will be transported to Basecamp for you. All remaining kit should be packed in a daypack to carry, which must be under the weight limit above.

Pathfinder Plus and Explorers

  • Pathfinder Plus Weight Limit: 8kg / 17.5lb
  • Explorers Weight Limit: 10kg / 22lb

All of your kit should be packed into the rucksacks being carried by the team.

Your team will have their rucksacks weighed, and then asked if you have all the items required.

To be able to start Cheshire Hike, you will need to show everything in bold below, and carry under the weight limit above. There will be points available for having the correct equipment.

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