Cheshire Hike 2024 will be postponed until 5-6th October. Read more

Booking onto Cheshire Hike

The plans for Cheshire Hike 2024, held between 5th-6th October, are well underway. The start, basecamp and finish locations have been chosen, and our team of organisers are now finalising the routes. Please find information below on how to book places this year.

We have three age categories, based on how old you are on Saturday 5th October 2024. Please note there are a few changes to the criteria for the 2024 event – detailed below.

Teams consist of two, three, four or five young people, all who must be within the same age category.

Age Category Hiker Age Kit Weight Limit
At least 10½ years of age, but not 12½ yet. Day pack: 6kg
+ a transported rucksack: 10kg
Pathfinder Plus
At least 12½ years of age, but still in Scouts or Guides. Rucksack: 8kg
At least 13½ years of age, and an Explorer or Ranger. Rucksack: 10kg

The booking process

Bookings for Cheshire Hike 2024 are now open. Our maximum capacity is 850 young people, and bookings will close once this is reached.

The process of securing places for the event is as follows:

  1. Leaders register their group as taking part via our online booking system.
  2. Once the group is approved by organisers, an email will be received by the leader, and young people can be added as participants.
  3. Parents/carers of the young people will receive a link to complete their personal information.
  4. £20 per hiker will be paid by the Group. After payment, hikers may be withdrawn or swapped for another hiker, however no refunds can be made.
  5. Leaders place hikers into teams, which can be amended up until the booking deadline. After this date, hikers can withdraw and teams can merge if required, however no new hikers can be registered.

Once the event is full, is there a waiting list?

A waiting list system will be released via this page once the event is full, allowing hikers to take advantage of any places that do become available from those withdrawing from the event.

Got a question?

Should you have any queries, we have a page full of FAQs to read. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact [email protected]. We will respond as quickly as we can.

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