Booking onto Cheshire Hike

The booking system for Cheshire Hike 2022 will open late in 2021. Here is some information on how to book once it’s open.

One of the key criticisms of the old booking system was the need for multiple signatures and the repeated collection of the same information. At the same time the County is moving towards a standard system for booking onto large County events that will include CuBe, Chamboree and Cheshire Hike.

Firstly, the new Cheshire Hike booking process is different and it will need a bit of patience to operate it the first time.

Here is how the process works:

Step 1

One Leader in each Group needs to be the Nominated Group Contact for Cheshire Hike, and register the Group on the new booking system. Please note that nominated contact person will receive information for the Group and will be responsible for signing off each young persons entry for the Cheshire Hike.

Step 2

The nominated Leader will need to register each participant (Scout/Explorer Scout or Guide/Senior Section). This is simply their basic details such name & address plus an email for a parent/guardian.

The booking system will then email a link to the parent/guardian for them to complete the online registration form. When the parent electronically signs the form it is added to your Group booking.

At this point you can continue to add new participants or cancel those who drop out. More information can be found here.

Step 3

Around a month before the hike, the system will be locked down and changes cannot be made by you. At this point your Nominated Group Contact will receive an invoice for the total number of participants that needs to be paid in full within 14 days.

Step 4

Three weeks before the hike, your Nominated Group Contact will receive a list of all the participants booked against your Group name with a request to supply us with the team structures for your Group (ie which participant is in which team). This will need to be completed and returned within 7 days. Please note it is our intention to allocate team numbers and allocate start times based on the order in which this information is returned to the hike control team.

Step 5

Assuming everybody returns the required information in Step 4, your Nominated Group Contact will receive team number information and start times two weeks before the hike.


Why can’t I registrar teams and add participants like the old system?

The new system is part of a County strategy to use one booking system for large events. The old system was constantly abused with Groups booking teams to get time slots and then withdrawing at the last minute. The new system is electronic and will be much easier for everybody once it has been used for this hike.

What happens if we need to make late changes after the system is locked down?

There will be a process to achieve this that will be shared with Nominated Group Contacts after the booking deadline.

Can I get a refund if somebody pulls out?

No unless there are very significant extenuating circumstances.

What happens if we don’t pay by the deadline?

Your Nominated Group Contact will receive daily reminders and if payment is not received we reserve the right to cancel your team entries.

How do I pay the entry fees?

We would prefer that they are paid electronically but cheques will still be acceptable. Full details will be sent to the Nominated Group Contact when they receive the Group invoice for entries (step three)

What happens if parents don’t supply an email to receive the booking form?

The Nominated Group Contact can manually input the participant details into the booking system.

Does this new booking system link to OSM?

Not yet but this is a clear objective in the future.

I can’t make the system do what I need it to do!

Contact the Scouts EMS support team at or check the FAQs at

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